B Conway Group Service Manager

The B Conway Group Service Manager handles all scheduling for your vehicles; Services, Thorough Examinations (LOLER), Weight Tests & more.

You will receive your documents for each completed service by email as soon as we’ve finished processing the paperwork for a job and you can view documents on the fly by logging into this panel.

Each month, fortnight or week (by your choice), you will receive an email showing a report, if necessary, providing you with a broken down list of vehicles that have upcoming services due – we also receive this report, so there’s no chance a vehicle can be missed!

If you do have your services handled by our Service Manager

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If you do not have your services handled by our Service Manager

Looking to drop the headache, and have your services managed by our system?

If you’re a current customer of ours, then it’s very simple to get setup – just fill in the form to the right, and we’ll do the rest and get back to you.

If you’re not a current customer, we’ll get in touch to ensure all the relevant data is setup correctly, as we’ll need to know about all of your vehicles (that you wish us to schedule).

Having a panel account, means having access to this panel and the ability to view all service documents on the fly, it’s not mandatory, and by default is disabled for all accounts – you will still receive the email for completed jobs (if you wish to receive notifications, which you can also customise).

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