Contract Maintenance

To enable each potential customer a clear view into what B Conway can offer we have broken down our Contract Maintenance into three categories, in each of these, you will find the relevant information for each type.

Contract Maintenance & Support Programme

The B Conway customer support programme is aimed at keeping your equipment on the move with maximum uptime throughout the life of the equipment. Maintenance contracts with recommended periodic service intervals are aimed at preventing breakdowns. Each equipment’s contract consists of an initial complete inspection of all the maintenance items described by the manufacturer in its documentation.

The pre-agreed, all-inclusive maintenance price includes parts, labour and the services of a technician. Any damage found on the schedule maintenance that needs to be carried out would be quoted for separately. This allows better planning for maintenance expenditure.

Service Maintenance Contract

A complete service contract allows the customer to focus completely on their business. We agree with a customer on a monthly fee, for a period, typically between 36 to 60 months, in line with our 17 week service schedule, which covers parts, labour and the services of a technician.

The agreement covers all maintenance and repair work.
Daily checks, damage repairs or accidents are excluded.
The contract can include a tyres (Fork Lift Truck Option Only).

Advantages include:

  • Planning and control of all expenditures
  • No surprise invoices
  • Improved cash flow
  • Optimum use of the equipment
  • Reduced operating costs
  • Higher resale value for the equipment

Rental Including Maintenance Contract

B Conway’s would always retain ownership of the equipment (unless specified in the contract), and the customer hires the equipment for a period of 3 to 5 years, with the benefit of Full Service.

  • In return for an inclusive monthly technical rental fee (Full Service) and financing (Rental), customers have access to the equipment(s) agreed in the contract.
  • By the end of the contract, the equipment has paid for itself. The total monthly rental fee takes account of depreciation, residual value and the different servicing schedules.
  • The contract can make replacement equipment available to you in case of breakdown. (Fork Lift Truck Option Only).
  • The main advantage is that customers enjoy the benefits of operating a fork lift or tail lift with full service but are released from all the processes associated with owning, depreciation and reselling the equipment.

Why is this the package for you?

Anyone wanting to have as little to do with servicing and repairs as possible, while simultaneously wanting maximum equipment availability, will want a full service contract.

This lets you place all the necessary activities, from planning and coordination through to professional implementation and seamless documentation, into the professional hands of B Conway’s Service Department and their highly qualified service technicians. Regardless of whether it relates to maintenance deadlines, repairs, the procurement of spare parts or safety checks, the full service contract comprehensively covers all the necessary maintenance measures.

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