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Here, we have tried to answer some of the most frequently asked questions relevant to B Conway Group, and the services we provide.
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Q. Is a Statutory Thorough Examination (STE) a legal requirement?
A. Yes It is a legal requirement that you have a current report of thorough examination (STE) for the tail lifts that are fitted to your vehicles.

Q. How often should a Statutory Thorough Examination (out? STE) be carried out?
A. Every 6 months if the lift in question carries any passengers at any time, this also includes animals. Every 12 months for any lift that can be proved does not ever carry passengers.

Q. What sort of Tail Lift do I need?
A. This depends on what operation and environment it is to be used in, B Conway Group can work with customers to advise which tail lift would be best suited. Just call us on 0161 624 6621 or email

Q. How often does a lift require a Weight test and is it a legal requirement?
A. Once the lift has been fitted and a weight test carried out before first use, then legally it does not require another test, unless it has a structural repair.
However, it is recommended that a weight test is carried out annually to highlight any problems or issues that may be occurring un-noticed without weight being applied.

Q. At what intervals does my tail lift require routine servicing?
A. It all depends on the usage and environment that it is being used in. Always remember that sometimes very occasional use can be just as harmful to the lift as very heavy use. At B Conway Group, we can advise on specific customer needs.

Q. What is the best practice to wash a tail lift?
General rules are:
(1) Do not use aggressive cleaners
(2) Do not wash out the columns
(3) Re-lube where required or request technical assistance
(4) Only use the Original Equipment Manufacturer Guidelines on the type and location to add the lubrication.

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